Securities Advice & Trading

At Hendersons we specialise in helping our clients use securities and similar investment products to grow their wealth. We focus on ensuring our clients fully understand the benefits, and risks, of having securities in their portfolio and then help them invest to help attain their long-term goals and objectives.

Securities can be complex, with limitless options and possibilities. It is our job to sort out what securities, and asset diversification, will have the best chance of providing the returns you need to attain the outcomes you want.

We provide advice in the following ways:

• General advice. This is advice that refers to the larger picture rather than to the needs of a specific client.

• Personal advice, where our advisors provide advice to a client based on considerations of the client's particular objectives, financial situation, and risk profile.

• No Advice, is where the client gives an instruction to an advisor on an execution only basis,

Once an investment strategy is determined we can help our clients buy and sell the equities required.

No two people are alike, so it is important that we work hard to understand what each client needs. This is why we provide focused investment solutions that meet our client’s investment goals, which intern builds and preserves their wealth.

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