Investment Philosophy

"Our client's success will be our success"

We recognise that everyone's investment journey is different, and we can't rely on the past as a guide to the future. As such, we seek to actively manage our clients’ portfolios within a disciplined and conservative framework to minimise risk and deliver on client objectives over the long-term. We believe everyone wants to make money in the good times and protect their capital in the bad times.

How we add value

Markets are not fully efficient

  • We believe in active management both at a portfolio level and within the asset classes, seeking to identify areas that have persistent opportunity for outperformance. We target these opportunities for our clients.

Portfolio Diversity and Quality

  • Given markets are not efficient in the short term, we believe portfolios should be constructed to reflect this uncertainty, by being built with high quality investments that provide diversity across asset class, geography, and investment styles.

Our Process

There are three key pillars of our Investment Process, and these are an important foundation for our clients’ investment strategy. A “set and forget” approach fails to observe the increasing risk, complexity, and opportunity in global markets. We seek to manage this for clients through active management.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

  • Academic research shows that between 80 and 100% of long-term performance is driven by SAA. The original paper, Determinants of Portfolio Performance, Brinson, Hood and Beebouwer 1986 has been followed by many studies supporting the findings. Focusing on SAA maximizes the chances of meeting your long term goals and objectives.

Tactical / Active Asset Allocation (TAA)

  • Over the short term, markets are not fully efficient and are often driven by sentiment creating opportunity for active asset allocation. This process is designed to minimize downside during bad periods and participate in the upside during good periods

Investment Selection

  • Opportunity exists within the asset classes to find investments which can deliver above market returns. We are willing to be active and take a forward-looking view even with managers showing strong outperformance



Core managers can demonstrate an ability over long time horizons to add value over passive benchmarks without excessive risk taking. They are well resourced but typically not of a scale to deter being nimble and pragmatic in their thinking.

Style Tailwinds

All managers exhibit style and risk preferences within their portfolios across all asset classes. Our deep macroeconomic underpinnings allow us to better position the portfolios for the medium term.

New managers

New managers have a strong history of providing outperformance to investors. We have strong networks to identify these opportunities and the scale to be able to bring them to market. Need to understand and be able to spot the formula for success.


Good managers going through underperformance due to style / tilt headwinds.


  • Average returns are not many investors true experience with extended periods where 10yr returns are below average
  • Assumed correlations between assets also change over time – bonds don’t always offer a buffer to equities
  • We seek to manage this for clients through active management


Our priority is to deliver excellence in financial advisory solutions. To do this we collaborate with external professionals in asset management and consultancy, underpinned by market leading providers.

Daniel Henderson

BEc GDIP Fin Planning FPA

Daniel has been in the financial services and share broking industry since 1999 after gaining a solid financial background with over 12 years with the Commonwealth Bank in various roles. Daniel moved to providing investment and a stock broking advice with Tolhurst Henderson Gregory. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Dane Avery

BComm (Acc), Dip FP (Adv)

Dane has been involved in the financial services industry since 2008 and has spent time in a chartered accounting firm, banking institution and large wealth management firm.

Dane has held roles as an investment committee member and senior financial adviser. In these roles he has helped construct multi-asset investment portfolios with a capital preservation objective as well as guide and advise clients through the various strategies involved in protecting and building wealth.

He specializes in portfolio construction, tax minimization, wealth protection and retirement planning strategies.

Dane's qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce with Accounting major, Advanced Diploma of financial planning, professional certificate in SMSF and is accredited to provide advice on listed securities.

Stephen Henderson


Stephen has been in the financial industry since 1983, and has been financial planning since 1997. He holds a Bachelor of Accounting and a Diploma in Financial Planning. Stephen can provide a full range of financial planning services including Self Managed Superannuation Funds and direct share portfolio services. Stephen enjoys working in the industry and aims to develop close working relationships with his clients to provide comprehensive and holistic financial advice based on their individual needs.

Travis Modra

BAppSc, GradDipFinPlan

Travis has been advising clients for over 15 years in the financial services industry.

He has held senior roles within retail and commercial banking and private wealth management.

Travis is passionate about building relationships with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds, with a focus on providing specialist guidance to individuals, trustees, and directors.

His areas of expertise include self-managed super funds, retirement planning, personal investments, and wealth protection strategies.

Travis’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science, Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, professional certificate in SMSF and is accredited to provide advice on listed securities.

David Yeomans

Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

David is a Senior Financial Advisor based in Adelaide, he has spent the last 20 years as a Financial Advisor and has a total of 36 years’ experience in the finance industry across roles at the Commonwealth Bank, Savings and Loans Credit Union and ANZ Private Banking.

David has broad knowledge in finance and investment markets which he utilises to help his clients achieve their goals and objectives. David specialises in retirement planning strategies and building portfolios to preserve wealth over the long term.

David’s qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and he has met the full FASEA education requirements.

Ben Hilliard

BEc, Dip FP (Adv)

Ben has over 10 years’ experience in the financial advice industry. He has been an advisor within one of Australia largest licensee networks and has experience within retail and commercial banking.

He has worked with a broad range of clients with a diverse range of advice needs and specialises in retirement planning, risk protection and wealth creation.

Ben is a strong believer in building quality, trusting relationships and has worked with many clients to achieve their goals and improve their financial situation. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and he has met the full FASEA education requirements.

Anthony Kavanagh

Anthony co-founded Chester Asset Management in 2017 after departing SG Hiscock where he was the senior analyst for the SGH Australia Plus and SGH20 team.

Anthony performed detailed company research and industry analysis, portfolio management assistance, client reporting, ESG analyses, proxy voting, quant filtering and database management. Anthony was also the primary dealer of the team.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and is a Chartered Accountant (CA)and Financial Analyst (CFA).

Nick Reddaway

Nick is the co-founder, Managing Partner and CIO of Drummond Capital Partners, a global multi-asset investment manager based in Melbourne.

Drummond’s process covers strategic and dynamic asset allocation as well as independent manager research and selection. Nick has extensive asset management experience, from working in London at Schroders and BlueCrest Capital, Europe’s largest hedge fund, to co-founding his own Australian long short fund, Nick has diverse experience across global markets.

Nick holds a Bachelor Business from Monash University, GradDip Applied Finance, CFA Level 1.

Tom Schubert

Tom is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Drummond Capital Partners, a global multi-asset investment manager based in Melbourne.

Drummond’s process covers strategic and dynamic asset allocation as well as independent manager research and selection. Tom has 14 years investment management experience managing global multi-asset portfolios.

Tom holds a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, ASX Accredited Derivatives Adviser and Diploma of Financial Services.

Richard Turner

Richard is a renowned Australian Entrepreneur, Leader and Innovator. He has founded four successful companies/organisations across four different industry sectors, was Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for the Cleantech sector in 2010, South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for two of those companies 14 years apart (1996 & 2010) and his most recent venture, ZEN Energy was recognised as the fastest growing company in South Australia for 2010 & 2011 and the 4th fastest growing company in Australia in 2012 (BRW magazine). Richard is a specialist in re-invention and industry disruption, he is passionate about sustainability and wants to ideally assist companies that are driving change for the better, believe in their purpose and add value to future generations.

Richard also founded the Entrepreneurs' Organisation in South Australia (1998) and was Entrepreneur in Residence for the University of South Australia (2019-2021) mentoring hundreds of early stage and scaling businesses.

Richard has now put a lifetime of learnings in starting and scaling successful businesses into his book "The Essential Entrepreneur" that Wiley Publishing are releasing globally in October 2022.