Portfolio Review

Our specialist portfolio review services regularly compare achievements with objectives at both the financial plan level and the portfolio itself. The first step is to set these objectives and to then use them as benchmarks along the way. We also ensure these objectives are revisited should changes occur in your financial situation or your risk profile.

When undertaking a portfolio review, we look to address these main issues, though this list is not exhaustive:

  • Is your equity portfolio adequately diversified?
  • Do the current macros justify your current exposure to equities?
  • Does your equity portfolio fit into your overall financial plan?
  • How is your portfolio performing versus the benchmarks?
  • Are the returns commensurate with the risk you are taking?
  • Have your investing preferences changed? For example, to you want to move more into ‘greener or more ethical’ investments?

Our services cover Adelaide, (list of suburbs as a way to help Google searches).

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: (08) 7202 1400 or email us at adminusers@hendersonsfp.com.au